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Trusted Experts. Proven Care.

Our certified, experienced medical professionals standby with high quality medical care for your events and teams. We provide reliable help when you need it most.

Featured Services

Mahikan Medical offers professional on-site medical support for events, ensuring prompt and expert care during emergencies. With a strong focus on safety, our services provide a sense of security and well-being for all event attendees, creating a safe environment for everyone to enjoy.

Event Medical Standby

We specialize in providing professional and onsite medical support for athletic events, such as hockey leagues and equestrian competitions. Our expert team ensures prompt emergency care, prioritizing safety and ensuring peace of mind for all participants and spectators.

Athletic Therapy

Mahikan Medical provides comprehensive CPR, first aid, and safety training courses, equipping individuals with the skills to respond to emergencies effectively. Our expert instructors ensure participants receive top-notch education, enhancing safety awareness and providing peace of mind in any setting.

CPR, First Aid & Safety Training

Our leadership team specializes in Emergency Response Consulting, offering expert guidance for teams, events, and businesses. We can ensure prompt and professional emergency care solutions, prioritizing safety measures and providing reassurance and confidence to organizers.

Emergency Response Consulting

Mahikan Medical is a trusted provider of professional on-site medical support services, specializing in event and athletic coverage. Our experienced team delivers prompt and expert care during emergencies, prioritizing safety to instill confidence and peace of mind for all participants, athletes, and attendees. Additionally, we offer comprehensive CPR, first aid, and safety training courses led by our expert instructors and can provide consultation to teams and businesses in Emergency Response. Our courses can equip individuals and teams with the necessary skills to effectively respond to emergencies or we can work with you to provide expert guidance on prompt and professional emergency care solutions while prioritizing safety measures.


Featured Projects

We got to know this wonderful client when they were looking for COVID assistance and we have been with them in some capacity ever since.  Currently, we are proudly working to assist their wonderful staff in dealing with the ongoing Opioid epidemic.

Calgary Drop In Center

We have had the privilege of providing expert support to this thrilling bi-annual event for the past six years. Our team has developed a genuine fondness for this occasion, as it offers the opportunity to witness unparalleled aircraft displays and experience an up-close and personal perspective. We eagerly anticipate continuing to provide support and collaboration for many years to come.

Wings Over Springbank

As we approach our ninth year of collaboration with the EMRA, we reflect on the countless hours of excitement and fascination we've experienced. Providing medical support at the racetrack has become an exhilarating addiction for us, much like the passion racers have for riding. Our deep admiration for the racers fuels our commitment, and we eagerly anticipate continuing this journey together, ensuring their safety and well-being for years to come.

Edmonton Motorycle Roadracing Association

Protect your event, attendees, business and peace of mind. Contact us to discuss your Emergency Medical Service needs.

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