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Mahikan Medical is a trusted provider of professional on-site medical support services, specializing in event and athletic coverage. Our experienced team delivers prompt and expert care during emergencies, prioritizing safety to instill confidence and peace of mind for all participants, athletes, and attendees. Additionally, we offer comprehensive CPR, first aid, and safety training courses led by our expert instructors and can provide consultation to teams and businesses in Emergency Response. Our courses can equip individuals and teams with the necessary skills to effectively respond to emergencies or we can work with you to provide expert guidance on prompt and professional emergency care solutions while prioritizing safety measures.

At Mahikan Medical, our vision is to be at the forefront of emergency medical services and training, setting the standard for excellence in event medical standby, CPR/First Aid/Safety training, and emergency medical consulting. We strive to create a safer environment for events and athletic teams, ensuring prompt and expert care during emergencies. Our values of safety, accessibility, respect, trust, integrity, and education guide our commitment to delivering exceptional services that prioritize the well-being and security of our clients and their attendees. We aim to be the trusted partner for businesses and organizations, providing reliable and top-quality solutions for all their emergency medical needs.

Our Vision







Dee has extensive experience in Paramedicine and has been working within the event medical and sports field for over 20 years.  She is a registered Primary Care Paramedic in Alberta and brings a wealth of knowledge to the industry. You will find Dee primarily looking after our EMS clients but she jumps in to provide support anywhere she’s needed.

Dee | President

Shelby is an Advanced Care Paramedic in both Alberta and British Columbia.  Her focus is on our sports related clients but you will also find her jumping in anywhere she is needed. She brings extensive knowledge and experience to this area having worked with athletic teams for over 10 years. 

Shelby | Assistant Manager

 Stacy has been in the Paramedicine industry since 2009 and supports multiple services as a Primary Care Paramedic. She is currently finishing up her degree in Human Resources, Majoring in Labor Relations, and plans to incorporate this into her current work. If that does not keep her busy enough, Stacy and her husband have two young ladies to help keep them on their toes!

Stacey | Assistant Manager & Human Resources

As the Senior Advisor to Mahikan Medical, Ryan brings over 20 years of specialized experience in guiding organizations through phases of growth and expansion. His expertise in business leadership, particularly within the context of dynamic corporate environments, has been pivotal in steering Mahikan Medical's strategic direction.

Ryan | Advisor

Our Team

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