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Mahikan Medical: Dedicated to providing innovative, compassionate healthcare services, ensuring every patient receives personalized, top-quality care and support

Event Medical Standby

Mahikan Medical's Event Medical Standby offers expert, on-site medical support for events, ensuring prompt, professional care for emergencies, enhancing safety and peace of mind for all attendees.

Athletic Therapy

We specialize in providing professional and onsite medical support for athletic events, such as hockey leagues and equestrian competitions. Our expert team ensures prompt emergency care, prioritizing safety and ensuring peace of mind for all participants and spectators.

CPR, First Aid & Safety Training

Mahikan Medical provides comprehensive CPR, first aid, and safety training courses, equipping individuals with the skills to respond to emergencies effectively. Our expert instructors ensure participants receive top-notch education, enhancing safety awareness and providing peace of mind in any setting.

Emergency Response Consulting

Our leadership team specializes in Emergency Response Consulting, offering expert guidance for teams, events, and businesses. We can ensure prompt and professional emergency care solutions, prioritizing safety measures and providing reassurance and confidence to organizers.

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